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Brew Service. 2018 Derived from simplicity and calmness, the idea of using wall-thickness as a purposeful function, the handle and spout doubles as one to form a character icon. The process for making Brew Service is centered around slip casting ceramics. A master-mold made of 3 parts was created from plaster for the limited run production. Tuff slip was used as the basis for the cups, challenges include achieving the target wall thickness to exemplify the concept, which made glazing difficult. Experimenting with coloring the casting slip with metal oxides became a secondary goal for the project.

Ceramic. Various dimensions

Made in Cincinnati, USA

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Emergency beacon. 2017

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Bubble is the first installment of the ongoing Smile capsule series. 2018


Duality of Fire. 2018 There is a duality in the connotation that fire carries, the warmth and safety it provides humanity and the fiery destruction it can cause.

The stool exemplifies that duality through the use of constructive destruction to increase its longevity, using the traditional wood preserving technique, Shou Sugi Ban. Charring natural pine with fire to the brink of destruction, the wood forms a protective outer shell that allows water to sit on the surface as opposed to permeating into the wood grains.

Burnt Pine. 495 x 127 x 483

Made in Cincinnati, USA

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Concept Cassette. 2017 Cassette is a portable desktop speaker. The idea comes from the days where music comes in a physical medium through vinyl, cassette or CD. Concept Cassette celebrates the motif of using your phone just like a vinyl or cassette in today's music streaming convenience, it only plays music when the paired device is placed in the rear tray. With wifi connectivity, it negates the need for unorganized looping aux cables while staying true to the analog music medium.

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Untitled Objects. 2017 With the ever increasing societal norm on work and connectivity, the meaning of self awareness and improvement have changed dramatically. From etiquette to social media presence, the perceived definition have also shifted. One reason to address meditation not only comes from the Ritualistic nature of the practice, but also it’s wider appeal that isn’t only limited to the religious notion. It is a source of revitalization and self reflection that contribute to our wellbeing.

The project aims to address this by creating a set of experimental objects that assist the meditative practice reacting to today’s world. Using historic references found in literature to guide the design intent, providing a metaphysical bubble that allows you to be yourself, to temporarily be disconnected to the digital information world around us.

Powder-coated steel. Various dimensions

Made in Cincinnati, USA

Light Portrait.jpg

Light. 2016 is a result of re-interpreting light as a shape, something that has volume, rather than merely an outlet of light waves; challenging the norm and fantasizing the future.

SER097 READING is a pendant light that creates an even yet focused illumination to a space. By hanging it above a workspace, it can replace traditional desk lights saving valuable working space. The chassis was manufactured by sand-casting aluminum, to preserve the unique texture from the silica sand, the part was then powder-coated matte black which subtly highlights the texture attained through the sand-casting method.

Sand-casted aluminum. 203 x 203

Made in Cincinnati, USA